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    伯乐平台首页‘I can do so easily. After leaving Bonchose I drove out to St. Malo, as I told you, arriving about 9.30. My housekeeper was on holidays, so I went straight over to Brent village and arranged with a charwoman to come in the mornings and make my breakfast. This woman had acted in a similar capacity before. I myself was taking a week’s holidays, and each day I passed in the same manner. I got up about half-past seven, had breakfast, and went to my studio to paint. The charwoman went home after breakfast, and I got my own lunch. Then I painted again in the afternoon, and in the evening went into town for dinner and usually, but not always, a theatre. I generally got back between eleven and twelve. On Saturday, instead of painting all day, I went into town and arranged about meeting the cask.’


    ‘Too wide, I’m afraid,’ said the Inspector, producing his rule. ‘I’ll just measure it.’
    ‘We have a bit of prejudice at Scotland Yard about advertising except in special cases. I think the idea is that it puts people on their guard who might otherwise give themselves away. But in this case it would probably be the quickest way to a result.’
    The stout man was regarding him with some displeasure.


    1.‘Out o’ the cask? Why, sir, ’oo would send sovereigns in a cask?’
    2.‘Somebody’s been before us,’ he said. ‘There’s precious little here.’
    3.At nine o’clock that evening the usual meeting was held in the Chief’s room at the S?reté.
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